The World Between

Lair of the Spider Flayers

Into the Woods, and Out of the Woods, and Home Before Dark

In the Great Woods north of Setine, there is an area called the Webwoods occupied by spiders of all sizes and shapes.Some are reputed to be as big as the human head! The Webwoods are supposed to be holy to Narlathia, fey goddess of enchantment, pain, and plunder. And spiders. A holy shrine is supposed to be in the Webwoods somewhere, but no one remembers where.

Anyway, spiders have been turning up gutted in abandoned webs. A “y’all come” was put out to pagans in the area, and two showed up to go investigate. Echo and Devin. They headed out, noting that some of the spiders were poisoned rather than stabbed, up high in the webbing. They followed a trail cut in the webs and found their way to an outcropping of stone draped in spiderwebs.

Also, on the trip, they discovered that it was possible the dead spiders did not rest easy; they might still move. (Echo climbed a tree and pulled one out of a web, and as he climbed down… it twitched.)

They continued into the cave, discovering a large dead dusty spider, continuing on following the only set of tracks betraying activity in this place. The tracks looked like soft elven boots.

After a tense fight with a couple dead spiders with bodies the size of a human torso (!) they continued to the back and found an elven woman with a sort of apartment in the cave. They accosted her, and she led them to her partner, an elven man. They had tea together, but Devin identified the numbing tang of Drusili in the tea and they did not drink.

So, the elven man shrugged and drew his weapons; in a pitched battle, the woman slid mystical venom into them while the man expertly fended them off with his blades. Devin knocked him down with thrown daggers, and as the elf woman fled, they pursued. A hurled dagger in her back knocked her down, and they finished the two elves off.

This encounter was enough to convince them the elves were drow, renowned for evil and known to worship Narlathia. They looted the jewelry and weapons from the drow, and also found a chest with a couple thousand silver.

Relieved at their victory, they retreated without exploring any further. They brought back a couple tough porters to heft out their treasure, then returned to town satisfied that they had preserved the character of the woods and secured it against drow incursion.

Scenario and map by Dyson Logos adapted for Fictive Hack. You can find it here.



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