The World Between

Lottery Dungeon: Session Eleven

Homeless No More!

A couple of expeditions into the Lottery Dungeon level 3. They tangled with some undead on level 2 once, but generally intimidated them out of the way. On level 3 they blew up statues for their precious eyes, smashed statues of children and various things to get at expensive furniture, urns, and chests, and generally dominated the scene.

Kaedo’s partying abilities shone a couple times, and he also bought a yurt for his woman and followers to share with him. He has a chicken coop, chickens, and goats! He is downright prosperous. Also, all the fancy goods from the dungeon he bought from the group to give his woman to fancy up the house and make her feel special and wealthy.

Meanwhile Arane and Saedenn swapped spells from their spellbooks, and noticed there was some instability in spellcasting resulting in globs of their mystic energy rolling off to points unknown. Should they worry?

Crazy Bear was inspired by the yurt, and bought a tent pavilion to rest in, pitching the tent next to the yurt.

The most exciting party moment was when Strings wanted to learn the dodge talent, so he was dressed up as a belly dancer by his “teachers” and tavern patrons were encouraged to throw things at him all night.

The crew did not encounter any threats they didn’t master, and they had a very lucrative week of expeditions into the third level.



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