The World Between

Lottery Dungeon: Session Ten

The Malik of Glass

A rash of dervish attacks in the area made the Frog Khan cautious. He sent Kaedo and his Northrons to escort an anticipated trade caravan in to the oasis. Meanwhile, the Lottery Dungeon was closed; in this dangerous time, if adventurers emerged from the depths to find a smoking oasis in ruin, that would be unfortunate.

Dusk Raid

An hour until dusk, a couple dozen mounted dervishes rode towards the oasis walls. Saedenn, Crazy Bear, and Strings slipped out before the gates crashed shut. Saedenn guarded the gates with a wall of acid fog, and battle was joined.

The dervishes threw bottles out to smash on the sand, and they closed in, riding past the defenders with vicious swipes of their scimitars. Crazy Bear and Strings knocked some down as they rode past, and Saedenn fired magic at the mounted archers that hung back.

Then Crazy Bear reared and roared, scaring the dervishes off as strange constructs of sand and molten glass closed in. The defenders made short work of the constructs, finishing off the last mass as Saedenn conjured acid mist around himself and destroyed their cohesion.

Looking at the bodies, they were surprised to see that the normally tough dervishes had burn injuries, and two symbols carved in each of them; one on the chest, and one on the abdomen. The symbol on the abdomen was Saedann’s personal wizard mark! He sat on the road with his book and researched the other, seeing it was a sigil representing the mythic Sea of Glass, to the East in the Scavenger Lands, that could only be found once you were lost.

Lyzeria, a blind Scavenger Master, traveled to the oasis to warn him buy arrived too late. Still, she verified some of his suspicions.

The Journey

Saedenn consulted with the Frog Khan, who encouraged him to pursue this mystery as soon as possible. Strings and Crazy Bear agreed to go along. They mounted their camels with as much water as they could carry, and headed out into the trackless radioactive desert.

They traveled for weeks, and eventually met up with some dervishes at the edge of a powder-sand desert area. The dervishes offered them hospitality, and pointed them towards the Sea of Glass.

When they reached the shore, they met several huge and powerful demon orcs guarding two skate ships. Saedenn wanted to use a skate ship, so he challenged one to a riddle contest. After hours of riddling, Saedenn emerged victorious, and they took the skate out onto the glass.

The Malik of Glass

They closed in on a column of smoke, arriving at dusk. A pit was melted in the glass, with three thrones. They met an old wizard, and Saedenn immediately saw through his disguise and recognized him as the Malik of Glass. The massive Efreet assumed a more majestic form, and animated glass minions with his infernal powers, and they fought.

Crazy Bear smacked the Malik, then focused on his glassy reinforcements as Strings continued to drive surgical strikes into the magical giant. Saedenn unleashed his most powerful magic, eventually blowing up the Malik (who actually just went gaseous and invisible.)

Three Efreeti became visible after the last of the glass minions were defeated, and the Malik of Glass burned into Saedenn with the mark of a Scavenger Master, conferring rank. They left quickly after that.

The Malik of Glass intercepted them as they skated away. Because they defeated him, he granted each of them one wish. Crazy Bear wanted vorpal claw blades, Saedenn wanted a familiar, and Strings wanted the ability to turn invisible. Suitably rewarded, they saw the last of the Malik of Glass (?) and skated back to sand. They got their camels and headed back to the oasis.



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