The World Between

Raiding Hellad Tower

Rescuing the Prince of Dust

After narrowly escaping an ambush, the travelers regrouped. Saeden, Kaedo, Strings, Crazy Bear, and Blayloch. They were with Arishakel and her two handmaidens, Senna and Lifta.

Traveling north again after a wary overnight, they passed the scene of the ambush and saw that it was all cleaned up.

They reached a guard station with a couple guards of the Dust Road, who warned them that the road north was dangerous. Black Warlocks massed an army and began harassing Langtland, and trying to use the road to the city was risky. The guards had not seen the Northrons that escaped the trap racing north where the rest of the travelers went south, so they were likely in trouble or dead.

The Mysterious Stranger

A stranger staggered up to the camp about midnight, bloody and without his mount. He was badly hurt, attacked by the Black Warlock military. He explained that he was looking for the Northrons that were supposed to be with them; at that point Ari explained that one of the Northron was the prince, heir to the Throne of Dust.

The stranger grimly surmised that the prince must be captured, and that he would probably be taken to an abandoned tower often used as a staging ground—Hellad Tower, not far away. He asked if they would help him rescue the prince. They agreed, as long as the women could be safe in a secret hideout that the stranger knew about.

The Raid

The next morning they headed out, and stealthed up to the area of the tower. The stranger was still badly hurt, so he did not go with them into the tower, but he told them of a secret underground back door. They snuck past a patrol of ogres, and found the entry.

Hacking their way past babblers, they found that the dead (animated, and reserves) were stuffed into the caves under the tower. Using blades and magic to hew through them, they explored some of the reanimating chambers and storage chambers, chopping down three undead bear owls and putting a demented undead surgeon to death.

They tore through five ogres standing guard, and freed the prince and his two surviving guards. They sidetracked slightly to kill another undead abomination, then fled the tower underground as the surviving ogres raised the alarm and overhead somewhere a hydra roared.

They made it back to the camels and retreated with the prince alive!



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