The World Between

The Lottery Dungeon: Session Three

Kicking Ass on Level Two

Saedenn, a Scavenger Master wizard, led a motley crew into the Lottery Dungeon. He took Kaedo, the bersker, and Shaddek, the mechanic, as they had worked well together before. The party added Melursus and Crazy Bear, a couple pagans (who could turn into bears.) Finally, they took Poesworth, a zealot eager to smash infidels and abominations.

The Lottery Dungeon had been closed for a week due to the Camel Foot Festival, with half price prostitution and randy sermons in the Temple of the Frog God. After the hiatus, the Frog Khan allowed bigger parties to head down into the Lottery Dungeon.

Unexpected Unfamiliarity

Saedenn and Kaedo were confident they knew their way around level one, but they ended up exploring some areas they were not familiar with. They carefully tread the quiet halls, past the snake statue and the iron garden, through the open chamber and a room where an adventuring party finally fell to the custodians—and their summoned monster too.

As Shaddek scouted ahead, he fell in a pit trap. They hauled him out, and checked out a nearby room with a stone sarcophagus that looked like monster jaws. Inside, they smashed a skeleton, and took the keen elven dagger. Then smashed the skeleton some more, and left.

They found a room with four goblets and four pools, and they tried them out after Saedenn researched in his book. Experiencing benefits, they didn’t push their luck, but they kept exploring.

They began to wonder if the cleaners were no longer functioning as they found another area that did not seem as tidy as they would expect. Finally they found the central round, and backtracked over some territory they covered in previous excursions (like the trophy room and the kitchen.)

Kaedo was strong enough to not worry about the doors, and others tried to increase their strength by pushing the doors open. Shaddek continued to find traps and unlock the doors.

They headed down a crooked corridor, and found the room with the statue of the woman looking at the door, and the trap door leading down. Finally!

Second Level Scuffle

They came out in a dusty stairwell, and followed a corridor leading away from it. They nailed a door guard that was a nattily dressed dead Northron, then burst into a room with a pile of skeletons and zombies, and some of the collectors, and their gruesome king!

A massive fight broke out, with bears and zealots and undead and berserking and balls of acidic magic and lashing tongues and filthy necrotic claws. Shaddek wielded his Ravenblade, offending the undead with its presence, as the zealot chanted prayers and the wizard hurled magic.

They tore through the king’s entourage, and the bloated king was obliterated by a huge blast of magic from Saedenn. Panting and victorious, they felt the pressure of time.

And, the king had been calling for help. As they retreated, they saw the approaching figure of a Black Warlock! Some were torn between standing and fighting, and running, but when most of the party ran they ran too.

Dashing through the cleverly mapped compound, they managed to reach the exit just before the dungeon ground out of position.

All’s Well That Ends Well

They threw a massive party when they came out alive, burning through hundreds of silver for a few days of decadence. Fortune smiled on them, and they continued to process their experiences and mature as powerful characters, their awesomeness shining through in the partying they did.


Glad you like it!

The Lottery Dungeon: Session Three

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