Arane Sparass

Wizard with Hunting Spider Familiar


Wizard – Detect magic at will, can leave wizard mark on anything

20yrs old
Has an attractive scent
Scarred hands

Awareness – 1 (+2 for Familiar)
Brawn – 0
Charm – [-2]
Commitment – 4
Cunning – 2
Daring – 1

Level 2

Speaks Reaverspeech and Vermillion Scrawl

Has a blue hat with a stylized constillation set to look like a spider web
5 doses of flashpowder
Narlathian Grimore


Has a hunting spider familiar about the size of her palm named Nex. Someone used magic to kill her parents, became a Wizard to stop them and to take her revenge.

Arane Sparass

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