Crazy Bear

6 feet of solid muscle, he is covered in a coat of thick hair that makes him look like a small bear.


Templates: Ursaesque / Fighter / Mechanic

Level: 31

Awareness: -1
Brawn: 8 (12 in bear form)
Charm: -1
Commitment: 8
Cunning: 8
Daring: 8

Wounds: 13 Human / 25 Bear form

Supertough (ursaesque)
Smack (ursaesque) (boosted)
Fury (ursaesque)
Unstoppable (ursaesque)
Display (ursaesque)
Charge (fighter)
Preferred Weapon (fighter)
Combat Toughened (fighter)
Fight Dirty (fighter)
Expert Parry (fighter)
Inventor (mechanic)
Lock Smith (mechanic)
Repair (mechanic)
Trapmaster (mechanic)
Demolitions (mechanic)
Healthy (brawn)
Dangerous Might (brawn)
reckless (open talent)
sweeping blow (open talent)
unspent talent points: 9
unspent invention points: 13

in depth description of talents (link in progress)

languages: Battle Tongue

Crazy Bear’s Claws: very heavy weapons, removes the 1 AP cost of activating smack upon dealing damage; also altered with the inventor talent to expand and contract between bear and human form, in human form they are considered hand weapons. Enchanted to be vorpal and to hit incorporeal targets.
Crazy Bear’s Armor: super heavy armor altered with the inventor talent to expand and fold between human and bear form. Ignores the first wound from unarmed attacks.

Mechanic teacher: Yohan
Platinum tile: allows access to the lottery dungeon outside of the lottery draw


Crazy Bear

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