A young Mordian Pagan with night black skin and hair, except for a small white stripe in his hair running from front to back.


Slight in build, Echo is just a wisp of a boy but walks with an odd grace and confidence of someone much older. At first glance you could easily mistake him for a homeless street dweller, undernourished and frail. However, you may not want to rely on your fist impression. At closer inspection, if you get the chance, you will find leather armor, a set of elven made weapons, sword and dagger, as well as a number of jewelry items adorn this “street dweller”.

Template = Chiresque

Awareness = 3
Brawn = 2
Charm = 0
Commitment = 0
Cunning = 0
Daring = 1

Paired Weapons
Echolocation Boost

Prized possitions
Elven made dagger and sword
Leather armor that has saved his life numerous times


He is from the city of Setine, The White Rose and understands what it means to walk the fine line in a city where The Hammers have such influence. He is an orphan, or one would think, as he has lived in Setine all his life but never speaks of a family or parents. Few if any know much of anything about him, what part of town he is from, where he lives or even how to find him, and you suspect that even those claiming to know, may not. As well, he has a rather unnerving way of just showing up when you are unsuspecting. He is good natured and easy going for the most part, but when it comes to his history or any information about him, he plays his cards very close to his chest.

In hand to hand he prefers to fight two handed with a short sword and dagger, or two daggers. Especially as he knows where to hit you to inflict the most damage. However, he is not opposed to using his bow if it means taking you out at distance.


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