Galen Tandro

22-year old assassin from Setine. 5'11", brown hair, dull green eyes wearing a hood. Plays violin for income in Gray Market.


Name:Galen Tandro Player: Scott
Date Created: November 10, 2012 Birthdate: Age: 22(Calendar p. 157)
Description: Rail thin, 5’10. Acne. Attractive scent.
Motive: You have always admired illusionists. Someday you want to fool people on a grand scale.
Languages and Alphabets: p. 11 Throptic. Northron alphabet.
Arts and Music: Violinist.
Relationships: Incurably single.
Template(s): Assassin.

Inherent Ability: If undetected (or unsuspected) by a target within arm’s reach, you can make that target dead by rolling 1d10, difficulty [target’s Wounds +1 per level of armor]. Otherwise, the target is not injured, and is now aware of you. Awesome Points cannot be spent on this roll. Take a focus action to use this in combat.

2 Awareness
1 Brawn
2 Cunning

Wounds ( 1 ) Level: 1

Weapons, Armor, Stuff: Scabbard, gift from a lover, bronze, fine but worn, blue and aqua. Light Armor, Gloves, Short Sword with blue handle, 4 matte black daggers, garrote/violin strings, rosin, violin bow with poison in frog, silk rope, hook, hood, 10 smoke bombs, violin case, black violin with red tune pegs and red carnelian inlays


Galen Tandro

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