Geneva Miloevic

Vistanti Caravan Guard (fighter)


Geneva is a 19 year old Vistanti Caravan Guard. She has long, dark hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, 110lbs and is 5’5" tall. She is lithe and wears a flowing blouse and skirt, torso leather armor, a helm and a steel neck band. Her weapons are two Kusarigamas.

Brawn 4
Cunning 0
Daring 2
Commitment 1
Charm -1
Awareness 0

Armor Class: 10

Armor of Scars: Constant. +2wounds and +2 charm to talk someone out of violence

Weapon of Choice: Constant. As long as you are wielding a specific weapon, all attack dice are Face Dice. A week of training will switch this talent to a new weapon.


Her mother was a gypsy, her father a caravan guard. They settled in a small hamlet about ten miles to the east of the First Redoubt, on the road to Adumbratis. She grew up with lots of siblings, aunts, uncles, and other extended family around. She trained to be a caravan guard, and did her first run to Amnicola at the age of 15. It is a hard life, and uncomfortable, but the pay isn’t bad and it sure beats farming.

It was a lousy week. The caravan and Geneva split off when they were passing her village. She gets home and it is dark and quiet. She went in and was attacked by monsters; vampires had killed everyone in the homestead and were squatting there. Alone, she is overpowered. The leader, the Doctor, took great pleaseure in drinking from her, and he said he’s make Geneva one of them.

Then, there was urgent whispered news that penetrated her foggy thinking. Something about a pursuer, close behind. They argued about what to do with her, then a young man burst in and fought them; several retreated, others were killed. The intense young man’s name was Kael, he was a foreigner. The Geneva and Kael rested a couple of days until Geneva had her strength back, then pursued the murderous Dotor towards Adumbratis.

Reason for Adventuring: Parents killed by vamps

Geneva Miloevic

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