Kail Sheridan


A warrior of some bearing and learning. He stands a bit more than six foot and is strongly build. He has curly chestnut hair and dark blue eyes which seem older than his otherwise young face. While his looks don’t mark him as such, his accent is that of Scarabae.

Age 23
Languages – Throptic, Harrovian, Draxive (literate)
Base Template – Questing Knight
Level 8

2 Awareness
5 Brawn
1 Charm
6 Commitment
0 Cunning
2 Daring

Wounds – 4
AP Spent this level – 8
AP at end of session – 19

Inherent Ability – Attune weapon – hit incorporeal (spend 4AP – do +2dmg or ignore 2 incoming wounds)

  1. Heroic (CONST) – Gain 1AP on story worthy adventure, battle or surviving dangerous course of action. Drawn into exciting/supernatural happenings in your area
  2. Immortalized in Song (RESTD) – Perform 10 min w/appreciative audience and grant them all 1 AP
  3. Legendry (CONST) – Know one thing about legends Fey or White Lady, awareness to know more. Awareness can be used on follow up questions
  4. Mystic Protection (CONST) – If attacked by supernatural force and can roll to resist, count as if rolling a 10. DM final say on power.
  5. Feint (ARENA) – (Improved) Roll atk dice and trade one or both w/opponent
  6. Ignore Limits (CONST) – Add 1 Wound from sheer will
  7. Healthy – Add 2 wounds, immune to normal sickness unless DM fills the bowl 1 AP/LV
  • Career – 1 (Questing Knight)
  • Possessions – 2

Heavy broadsword (attuned) / 2 light knives
Chain-mail and plated leather breastplate (Medium armor)
Studded Leather armor (Light armor)
open face helm with runes and symbols on it.
Backpack w/standard equipment
Script – permission to carry heavy weapons and armor in Setine

•Healing Ring (Arena) Heal 1 Wound as a focus action, self or other.
•Muscley Belt (Constant) Do 1 extra Wound in unarmed or melee combat, gain +2 to Brawn tests.

GP: 60 / SP: 2


Kail travels the roads seeking…something elusive. An open and friendly fellow, he seem to hear the siren call of ‘something else’. He is a curious young man,eager to listen to the old tell stories of the mystic and mythic.

He keeps his combat gear in good condition but the two possessions he seems to value most are his helm and a silver ring that he keeps on a chain around his neck. If asked he will tell the tale of discovering it during a vigil in an ancient knight, Lord Korwyth’s tomb. He found it resting upon the crypt when it should have been inside. His mentor said it was a gift of the old warrior and would serve him well in his future. The ring he says little about except it is a keepsake of someone dear to him. It is plain and difficult to tell if it belonged to man or woman, but it is smaller that he could wear He will spend time holding or looking at it. Kail seems to derive purpose and resolve from it, but not comfort.

Adventure Session 01 –
Adumbratis by Night – Hunting Vampires

His first stage of journey gathered him with others as was want for his kind. Destiny rested a hand on his should at their first meeting telling him so. Two Visanti women, one strong in arms, the other with social authority. Two men also wielding dangerous occult power. One a wizard the other a larcenous witch. Together they faced a small scourge of vampires and necromancer proving their mettle and showing glimpses of their natures, some noble others tragic. Fate still held them together after their defeat of the wielder and children of undeath. Kail waited and listened for the beckoning whispers of Fate as she called him onward.

Adventure Session 02 -

The Mystery of the De Morcey House
After destroying the vampires and necromancer as well as freeing the Vistani, the Lady Annika von Alstyne was gracious to keep us on at her estate for a time. Through her contacts Kail was able to obtain some training in the better use of the blade. After a “nominal fee” for the services he continued to spend time gleaning stories of mysteries. The road had not yet called him so he tarried a while longer. Lady Annika approached him with an opportunity. She had to travel on an errand for her husband and needed proper escort and protection. Feeling the needed to repay her gracious hospitality as well as seeing if this could be a further opportunity of following Fate he accompanied her along with Geneva and Kurt. He was not surprised by the warrior’s accompanying her, but he was surprised by the involvement of the larcenous witch.

The estate of her husband’s cousin seemed to be in some sort of state. After being there only a day they discovered hints of a tension between the husband and wife. Stories of attacks on the male children of the house and a malaise upon the daughter. Annika and Geneva performed quite well in the household and surprisingly so did Kurt. The young man rose to the occasion ferreting out secrets among the servants as well as evidence the the lady of the house was involved in some matriarchal cult. The greatest secret was some bane locked in the household attic. Some dark force had taken residence and the butler had given word through Kurt that it must be slain for Lord James De Morcey. Through focus and Lady Fate smiling upon them the she beast was slain and the body hidden back once more. This mystery seemed far from over but would be yet another great tale one day.

Adventure Session 03 –
Conclusion at the De Morcey House

With the abomination slain we cleaned up as best we could, hid the armor and weapons away and returned downstairs to appraise Lady Annika and Geneva of our success.

At this time fate drew Magnus back into our company. He prove invaluable. With his “gifts” he located a box contained a truly disturbing book detailing the the heretical practices of the Scarebaen cult of the Lamenting Mother and a clockwork device for the drawing of blood. Magnus also advised us that Lady Christabel and her handmaidens also were practicers of the arts.
Kurt once again proved himself after Karswell’s disappearance by going into town and identifying the old mans remains. It seems that he was slain before he could escape and had been beaten some time before his escape. Cristabel’s doing we surmised.

Lady Annika used her wiles and Vistani gifts to confirm Cristabel was a vile witch seeking to not only slay her sons but to anoint and taint the daughter with her fowl sorcery.

We took this knowledge to Lord James. Hearing our words and seeing the ritual deices, he flew into a murderous rage. The man took up his blade to fight his wife. Soon struggles ensued as the handmaidens and Cristabel used their dark arts and martial prowess against us. They managed to beguile the mind of the daughter and of Lord James

All within our company drew upon those skills Dame Fate had given them. Geneva and Kurt fought the handmaidens while Kail, Magnus and Annika fought Lady Cristabel. Through determination and skill the company persevered and the sorceresses were slain.

Lord James disposed of the remains in the old ways so that the spirits of the dead could not return to harry the living. We were also given opportunity to train and accepted an opportunity to help him with business in Setine.

Adventure Session 04 –
The City of Setine – Session Part 1

We were employed by Scanah De Morcey to find her son Adal who had gone to Setine to make his fortune. He had stayed with a noble there, Nosse Aril and became an art dealer. Scanah had received letters that he met a nice girl then the letter stopped. She didn’t want us to let her husband know she was financing our outing to check on her son.

It took several weeks to arrive in Setine. Along the way we immersed ourselves and became proficient in the speech of Caligari and the Iron Principalities. As we approached the city Annika grew quite ill. We stopped at the residence of an unusual noble, Fen Ryvan, to have her looked after.

After Annika was settled we had and dinner Fen introduced us to Galen Tandro a musician who was a resident of the city. After telling him of our mission he offered to act as guide and assist us in looking for Adal and Nosse. He recalled something about Nosse being in debt to a loan shark but we could investigate more the next day

The Grey market was an interesting place. I keenly missed Archenbaud, my family blade. Not wanting to draw attention to myself I had a pair of daggers, but it seems I could have gotten away with a shorts word or other blade without causing undue attention. As we wandered the market, Kurt kept an eye out for the unsavory types. Geneva purchased an outfit more common of the locals as to not broadcast her Vistani heritage.

Galen returned with news that Adal De Morcey was a prisoner of Vash the Unconquered, as leverage to get Nosse Aril to pay his debts to the loan shark. After some inquiries as to purchasing debts back so that Adal could be released, Galen left then returned stating that we could meet and pay that night in the Beggar’s court, but debt collectors would be traveling to the Aril house this afternoon

The Aril house had seen better days but was still was a great manor. Upon entering we discovered that the front entryway was guarded by a friend of Galen known as Dakri. After introductions, Dakri told us that Adal’s business helped keep Nosse’s debts at bay but when he met a woman he quit doing his work as an art dealer. The two men fought and seperated. Adal was captured by Vash and held captive against Aril’s debts. He lost the artwork as payment and finally his silver mask the last time and there is nothing they can give to the collectors today

We waited and a collection crew of one Orc and six men came by. Galen talked to and bribed them to come back later that evening. They agreed and left.

Kurt said he had contacts in the city as well. We met with a man, Talon, who ran animal fights to try and act as a neutral party. He didn’t like Kurt enough to get involved at all with Vash but mentioned that Vash laired out of the battered ruin of the Ellydia House in the Rubble District.

Time was running short so we had little time before meeting Salizar at Beggar’s court, an old theatre used by the bottom of the criminal food chain. We secured a seating platform and waited. Salizar, one of Vash’s lieutenants, arrived with 6 thugs, he ordered Galen out of the way and set his men to kill us. We have faced much tougher opponents and knocked them all down with little effort.

Salizar said that this was actually an audition and wanted to talk to us about a job. It seemed that “Vash the Unconquered” was a title and Salizar wanted to make his move to take it. He would forgive the Aril debts and return Adal if we would remove the current Vash. While these were unsavory actions, we would be replacing one ruthless criminal with another. There seemed little else to do.

We had to work hard to get back to the Aril manor before the collectors did. This time the orc had 12 thugs with him to collect. We arrived only just before the orc came back with a dozen thugs. We bantered and Galen took the time to aim an excellent shot with a dagger into the demon spawn. While fighting Kurt invoked some dark sorcery that drew life from all wounded within its boundaries. As Geneva and I made pitched battle with the orc and thugs an unfortunate strike against the vistani warrior dropped her. The dark eldritch power was drawing out her last breath. Letting the rabble escape I dove to her side and using the blessed ring of healing. I invoked the blessing of The While Lady and focused all the strength I could through the ring.

Dame Fate rested her hand upon Geneva, staying the dark power and keeping her soul still in the world between

Adventure Session 05 –
The City of Setine – Session Part 2

While the ring had held off the dark magicks invoked, it did not drive out a death chill from her. It was necessary that we find a doctor for her and quickly. Kurt had vanished, perhaps fearing the consequence for his actions. While upset with the witch, Geneva’s life still hung by a thread. Galen said he knew someone would could help and was not tied to anyone politically. He left and brought back a cart. We left the city nd

Worried and tired we arrived at the residence of one Doctor Gnaeus Onteron. After some hesitation he let us in and we told him that Geneva had been touched by dark magic. The doctor quickly and decisively was able to balance her humors, driving out the chill death in her bones and brought her back to a semblance of health. He told us that given some time she would be healed fully. He introduced us to his companion, Tyr Fenris, a fur trader.

Soon after we had moved Geneva, there was pounding on the door. We all hid and heard that someone had come looking for us. The good doctor Gnaeus bought us time as the man seemed to be looking for us. While the two bantered, the doctor was gracious, polite, and very helpful in stalling as we quietly hid in his home/workshop. Gnaeus told the thug that he did see our group, and we had headed on down the road earlier. While the thug went to consult with his boss, a couple orcs prowled through the house. These abomination stood tall, with black horns and eyes and teeth, red scaly flesh, and recurve legs with cleft hooves. Eventually after not finding anything they left.

Gnaeus charged us a steep price for the healing service and lying to the man. As we spoke, Salizar entered. He said he had slain two orcs hiding outside and wanted to attack Vash immediately.

The problem was that Gnaeus had mentioned the man asking after us was Delf, another lieutenant of Vash and that he had a Vistani noble dressed in the fashion of Harrowfaust as a prisoner.

I knew in my heart that something had happened to Annika. There was no way that I would allow her to stay in the clutches of such a monster as Delf. While none seemed moved by my duty to take on Delf and his mercinary orcs, Galen spoke up and convinced Salizar better than my petitions of honor and duty. We took the horses that Salizar brought and rode to a switch back and set up an ambush.

Gnaeus from some reason had a bear trap and laid it on the road, the others waited upon the hill and I in the woods. Once the trap had felled an orc, we attacked. Pistols were fired, rocks hurled and the orcs charged the hill. I took on another in the woods. Annika managed to free herself and entered into the woods with me. The assault broke the ranks and morale of the criminal band. Delf tried to escape and I hurled one of Geneva’s kusuri-gama at him wounding the man. Tyr had a massive wolf with him who felled many and Salizar took the final blow on Delf bringing his wretched life to an end.

The cagey lieutenant urged us to stop the orcs and mercenaries before they could spread word of the attack. We charged the hill felled them in short order. I did not relish this but word of what happened here could not get back to Vash. As well these men were without honor having taken Annika prisoner without true cause.

Returning to Gnaeus’s we convinced a young pagan child, Yuli and the wolf Lily to guard Geneva while she recovered. We made fast pace within the city as dawn rapidly approached.

Salizar took us through some seedy places util we arrived at the Rosewater. We were polled up the river to another ruined section of the city, the remains of the Ellydia estate were Vash the Unconquered laired.

Salizar laid out the plan of entry and asked us to wait to start so he could have an alibi. We made our way through shadows, scaled the wall and with the blessings of fate, slipped in before the guard could see us.

We made our way within the house as the criminals shunned morning light to rest, since they used the cloak of night to hide their misdeeds. Gnaeus turned out to be an expert locksmithing and got us into Vash’s room quietly. Galen’s showed his deadly skill as a guard approached he dispatched him noiselessly with a single strike. Within the bedroom he again drew upon his mastery of this death strike by quickly and quietly dispatching Vash without a sound. Upon entering within it seemed that the former villain had been a woman.

We found two items of worth within. The first was a locked check with money, scripts, perfume, a silvered pistol, and an amulet. The second was a ledger book with all Vash’s accounts.

Salizar knocked and entered. Galen gave him the journal and he allowed us to keep the contents of the chest. Salizar put on the items of office of Vash and set to moving into his new position. We made haste and left.

My recall of the path back was still clear in my mind. We made quick work of leaving that section of the city and returned to the Aril House. Gnaeus, Tyr, and Galen chose to return to Gnaeus’s home to bring back Geneva. Annika and I settled down to rest and afterwards decide what we should do next.

Kail Sheridan

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