Kurt Barbossa

Dreadlocked black hair, green eyes, tall but not big, something slightly off....


Awareness – 1 (3)
Brawn – 2
Charm – 0
Commitment – 3
Cunning – 4 (6)
Daring – 2

Pickpocket – Thief – C – Test Cunning against Awareness w/o target noticing, if don’t care, add Cunning & Daring together, may be used in combat as a move action

Locksmith – Mechanic – C – Each focus action spent on lock reduces complexity by 1, roll Cunning and add +3 diff for each remaining complexity, base is 5

Super Cunning – Thief – C – Anytime test Cunning, roll 2d10 and keep the higher

Conduit – Witch – R – Allows conversation w/the power that gave me familiar and “skills”

Extended Contact – Witch – C – Counts as touching familiar as long as in same arena

Criminal – Occupational – Sense forces of law, shifty judge of character, knows fences and locks, automatically allows basic tasks related to profession

Possesses the Vampiric Dagger.

Has a monkey familiar (2 Awareness/2 Cunning) with a permanent smile & all canine teeth.

Wears a long leather coat, no armor and only has a couple of knives for defence and a walking stick.


From no place in particular, Barbossa is a traveler, vagabond and likes it that way. Is looking only to enjoy himself in wine, women & song to blot out the terrible memories. But to do so means he must have funds and funds means work…of one sort or another. He has taken jobs in many places including Setine, where he has a number of useful contacts in various factions in the city.

Kurt Barbossa

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