Saedenn (pronounced say-den) is a trim built swarthy man of a smaller stature. He has an unusual, almost otherworldy look to his features. He stands only 5’5" with dark brown eyes, dark hair and a mustache/goatee. He has two facial tatoos that move down his forehead and over each eye. It is simply two black lines that narrow to points on his cheeks. He is a man that seems to be very aware of his surroundings and seems to have endured quite a lot in his life.

Age 27
Languages – Reaverspeech, Vermillion Scrawl, Phrantian Battle Tongue, Skaria & (Cyronic alphabet)
Base Template – Wizard + Familiar
Level 25

5 Awareness
5 Brawn (+2 bonus from dragon heart)
1 Charm
3 Commitment
8 Cunning
5 Daring

Wounds – 6
AP Spent this level – 4
AP at end of session – 11

Inherent Ability — Mystic

You see how others connect to mystical energy, and you can see where mystical energy has been used. You detect magic and spellcasting and spellcasters by seeing auras around them at will. You can leave your magical mark on anything, visible only to people whom you feel would need to see it.

  1. Globes of Flame® [Wiz] – Conjure fire 1 Wnd/Level
  2. Globes of Flame (a) [Wiz] – upgraded talent to arena
  3. Globes of Flame (a) [Wiz] – upgraded to move action
  4. Aspect of Stone® [Wiz] – encrust body with stone – soaks 1 Wnd/Level (last 10 mins)
  5. Aspect of Stone (a) [Wiz] – upgraded talent to arena
  6. Aspect of Stone (a) [Wiz] – upgraded to move action
  7. Caustic Arrow® [Wiz] – throw acid does 1 wnd/rnd (4) if hit degrades armor 1 lv/rnd
  8. Caustic Arrow® [Wiz] – upgraded to shoot action
  9. Mutation Shield® [Wiz] – 24 hour protection from magical radiation
  10. Mutation Shield © [Wiz] – upgraded talent to arena
  11. Caustic Fog® [Wiz] – half arena size area, fog does 1 wound, cannot hide within, can upgrade damage with awesome points, up to level.
  12. Counterspell® [Wiz] – counter an incoming spell – roll level + d10
  13. Charismatic © [Wiz] – and additional attrib to charm if displaying that attribute
  14. Child of Nature © [Wiz] – animal friendship \ immune non magical illness \ auto 10 rolled vs plant poison and animal venom \ Adjust percieved temp by 30 degrees either way.
  15. Enchant Object® [Wiz] – put AP into object to enchant. 1 yr/LV or perm with attribute
  16. Life Energy® – counts as 10 vs poison\illness\ongoing effect or heal 1 wound
  17. Life Energy (a) [Wiz] – upgraded to arena
  18. Combat toughened © [Fightr] – Gain +2 wounds, +2 to charm to talk others out of violence
  19. Weapon of Choice © [Fightr] – Globes of Flame – all dice are face dice
  20. Targeted Strike (a) [Assasn] – Attack as focus action and add cunning to Hit roll.
  21. Book of Power © [Mast/Gen] – Focusinar Tome
  22. Book of Power © [Mast/Gen] – Scavenger Masters Grimore
  23. Book of Power © {Mast/Gen] – Spring House Grimore
  24. Honed Reflexes © [Mast/Dar] – add 1/2 level to all Daring rolls to avoid damage
  25. Healthy © [Mast/Brwn] – Gain +2 wounds, immune to norm disease unless dm feeds bowl

•Possessions – 2 (Focusinar Tome)


Battle Staff (quality)
Backpack w/standard equipment
(extra 3 oil)

  • Ring of Darkvision
  • Armband of Luminous Hawk – Legendary Item – Grants +1 wound to wearer.
  • Platinum Tile – Allows independent entry into the Lottery Dungeon

War horse

Familiar – Fire Lizard (Arach) – Tiny dragon the size of a winged Kitten. It can spit little licks of fire, fly and teleport up to 1 arena away. (Unrechargable rested talent, it can teleport with you up to 1 arena away) (-2 to hit, +12 wounds +12 attributes)
+3 Aware, +3 Commit, +3 Cunning, +3 Daring

GP: 200 / SP: 734 / CP: 4


Saedenn is from one of the tribes within the Scavenger Lands that worship the Luminous Hawk. In fact he wears a leather armband enblazened with it. He says little about his past other than he is a Scavenger Wizard. He tells that his facial tatoos were part of his rituals for becoming a wizard as his mentor was a little crazy. While he is not adverse to women, he is incurably single; perhaps it is the otherworldy cast to his features or the stigma of being left handed or his belief that the elven language is part magic and he wants to be the first human to master it but mostly it is that he is a Scavenger Master.

Whatever it was, he left the wild wastelands and made his way to The Oasis of The Frog Khan to make his mark in The Lottery Dungeon.

His first trek into the dungeon was with a northron named Kaedo. It was a strange place imbued with great magic. After fighting spiders and avoiding traps they made it out just before it closed. Saedenn first discovered Kaedo’s great value in throwing parties. While more reserved than his northron companion a great time was had.

After narrowly avoiding traps they decided to hire some assistance with light and trapfinding. This journey was eventful as two others that had their names drawn with ours went down along with two hirelings. We continued to explore the first level even finding a trap door to the second level but during the explorations the dungeon closed. We decided try hiding in the storage rooms but we were found out. After a harrowing moment with the dungeon’s constructs we managed to use our wits to keep them out long enough to lock ourselves in a squallid room of a beast we killed earlier. After a horrible long day and night the dungeon reset. We managed to find some good treasure on the way out, with a little help from another explorer. Kaedo and I welcomed the sunlight and clean clothes. An epic party was thrown and a good time had by all.

Our next forray was with a mechanic named Shadek. He overheard us talking about camping out on the first level again and offered his services in exploring the dungeon. All three of us were called along with what was apperantly a Black Warlock. We left it to it’s own devices when we entered again. With little trouble we found our way to the second level. It reeked of undead energies. Shadek was instrumental in avoiding several traps, but became overly curious in a room filled with a giant pool of blood. Fortunately for all of up Saedenn had prepeared a large Orb of fire and smote the serpantine creature that emerged from the blood. Shadek found a couple of gems in statue eyes which we found as a good haul and decided to call it a go for that run. The party again was epic as Kaedo once again showed his talent for revelry.

The next day the three went down again. This time discovering a new section of the second level, this time there was a secret room with a shrine to the White lady. The radiance of this place kept out the baleful death energies of the second level and would be a wonderful place to camp out if needed. There again were more statue eyes that were purloined as well as strange undead in suits feasting on zombies, turning them into skeletons. A fight ensued but all the creatures were slain. A room with a secret door was found. Within it, a chest filled with treasure. Counting this good fortune the three returned to the surface in time just before the dungeon closed. During the parties, Kaedo, now known as “The Sultan” also recieved “The Duke”, Shadek. Saedenn enjoyed the revelries but saved his monies for magical devices. Once it was done he managed to talk a caravan merchant into parting with a ring of darkvision.

The next time Kaedo, Saedenn and Shadek entered the dungeon was after a festival. They allowed larger parties and they were joined by a pair of pagan bear shapechangers, Melursus and Crazy Bear, as well as a Zelot of The White Lady, Poesworth. The dungeon showed them a section of level one they had never traversed. They traveled through some areas and found a room where a sarcophagus had been opened many times. Inside an enchanted with a skeleton. Saedenn felt a doom around the dagger but Poesworth wanted to claim it. Further trial and error with the iron garden room and magical chalices, they finally made way to the second level. This time they found a chamber full of undead and their king on his throne. As the battle ensued the king made multiple calls to something. They were finally destroyed but as they left the black warlock that they traveled down with a couple of excursions earlier arrived. Though there was squabbling the party left and just managed to leave the dungeon before it closed once more. Kaedo once again lead the revelries as they celebrated thier success once again.
Has dead mark from Ghoul King


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