Vox Magnus

A gifted but young Wizard


He is a young magic user with a thirst for more magic ability and knowledge. Magic is what makes him feel alive and he is willing to sacrifice to learn and gain more.

He normally wears traveling gear as he never knows when he will need to be on the move. In town, he almost always has has a short sword, dagger and staff. The short sword is enchanted as it is the result of the one spell he knows. He must recast it every morning as it dissapates as soon as he goes to sleep.

He also has a deep hood, rolled randomly, that is copper color with Fiery orange trim that he wears when it seems appropriate.

Brawn 2
Cunning 2
Daring 2
Commitment 6
Charm 0
Awareness 2

Conjure Weapon from the Aglatch Grimore
Immobolize from his primairy Grimore, Migric – He has also improved this talent from Rested to Arena

He got a vial of cosmic distillation from Uthrell the necromancer in the raid on the Shrine of Morgath the Corpulent Reaper on Hakvas 12, 6,995. It grants 3 Awesome Points when drunk as a focus action.


Attitude: Those with the talent for magic are somehow better than other humans. As well, magic is what he lives for, it makes him feel alive. He understands that there are many powers in the world that could take his love away from him, Demons, Vampires, the rulling class, Nobles, ect. Because of this he is willing to be obediant and a tool for them to use as they please… for now. If he does as they ask, hopefully they will leave him alone and let him continue to learn and practice magic and maybe, one day he will be strong enough to tell them “No”.

The above attitude comes, in part, due to his randomly rolled purpose for adventuring. He also has a dark secret that contributes to his love, but these are between Vox and the DM.

Vox Magnus

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