The World Between

Adumbratis by Night
Hunting vampires.

This adventure took place on Hakvas 11-12, 6,995.

Father Wistol has a homestead in the Mountain Vale leading up to Adumbratis. A fateful gathering sought shelter from a driving storm, ending up in his parlor.

Shelter from the Storm

Annika von Alstyne was taking her childhood friend Vox Magnus on a tour of her husband’s lands, when the driving storm prompted them to seek shelter with one of the homesteads in her lands. Kail Sheridan and Geneva Miloevic were traveling towards Adumbratis when caught by the storm and compelled to get out of the rain. Finally, Kurt Barbossa was fleeing from vampires that spotted him following them. As they were getting acquainted, a cloaked and cowled man left; Annika recognized Lord Evdya, but he did not want to be identified.

They chatted to get acquainted, and Barbossa revealed that he was pursued by vampires. Father Wistol engaged their help to go out to the chapel on his property; he was a follower of the Lady of the White Way. He gave them five flasks of holy water and five stakes that he blessed, then they turned in for the night on prepared cots (almost as though he knew someone was coming.) He said his family was upstairs, and not to be involved in this dangerous business.

The next morning, over breakfast, he explained that Barbossa was probably fleeing from the Shrine of Morgath, the Corpulent Reaper, that was a few miles away. He told them of a back way in, following the stream towards the mountains and pushing through a thicket of red thorns. He also noted that a necromancer in town may have joined forces with the vampires by now…

The Shrine of Morgath

The adventurers set out, found the stream, and the thicket of thorns. They pushed through, and by the light of Barbossa’s hooded lantern, they found six Vistanti women chained up, and ten Vistanti men guarding them—but the men were dead, and shambled forward to be hewn down by the heroic adventurers, with Kail in the lead.

Geneva and Kail yanked the chains out of the rock where they were stapled, and led the women to the back door to wait for them to arrange safe passage. Venturing deeper in, they sent Vox and Barbossa ahead stealthily to sort out some undead guards, then they pulled back once more to strategize. Undead dogs rushed them, to be cut to pieces.

The adventurers found a necromancer’s quarters, but no one was there. As they left, they were ambushed by three vampires on the stairs. In the pitched battle, Kail was badly hurt, but Geneva managed to slosh holy water over two of the vampires, and the battle was sharp but short.

Noting another exit out, the main entrance the vampires used, they continued on into the Shrine of Morgath; there, three vampires were freshly fed and armored, waiting for them. A necromancer raised five of the vampire victims, and the pitched combat was joined under the shadow of a hideous shrine to Morgath in a room of polished black marble.

The Final Battle

By the unsteady light of the lantern, they fought. Kail took on one of the vampires, the necromancer, and five remains. Barbossa backstabbed the vampire leader and was cut down, as Annika and Geneva backed him up. Vox took a beating trying to counterspell the necromancer’s magics, and as the necromancer tried to escape, Vox stood in his way long enough to slow him so his pursuers could follow.

Holy water splashed, weapons and fangs flashed, and the fight was intense. Sensing the tide turning against them, the undead attempted to flee. One fell as Kail flung his broadsword (even as he was surrounded by the shambling dead) after her, pegging her between the shoulders. The fleeing master vampire fell with the last blow, Annika’s flung stake hitting him square in the back. Geneva and Vox pursued the necromancer out into the wilderness, flinging weapons at him; as Geneva closed in on the flagging mage, Vox flung a dagger and hit him in the face, killing him.


With all the undead (and the necromancer) dispatched, they bound their wounds and looted the necromancer’s belongings. They got a Horn of Reckoning, gold, a silver-plated necromatic dagger, and some Awesome Sauce. They collected the Vistanti women, and left the darkness behind.

They returned to Father Wistol’s homestead, and he freed the Vistanti women from their shackles and promised to put them in touch with their people. He also noted that the best thing to do with the dead back at the shrine was to notify the authorities, who would wrap them and put them in the caves below, so if the town were to come under siege they could be raised for its defense… So close to Morgath’s holy space (the Corpulent Reaper, Lord of Death), it would be bold to try and steal them from him.

Annika claimed the vampire leader’s rapier, and the Horn of Reckoning, and some cash. Barbossa got the silver dagger, Vox got the Awesome Sauce. Also, Barbossa and Kail kept the ashes from one vampire each in a pouch.

Successful, the amateur vampire hunters lived to fight another day.

Special thanks to Jack Shear for the World Between, and to Dyson Logos for the map I stocked.


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