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The main rulebook is “The World Between for Fictive Hack” found here.

You can also find a map on that page, or in the book (p. 160-162.) The history of the world is on page 153. The calendar is on page 157.


The process is described on page 9, there are page number references there.

For starting Awesome Points, you can get 6 for a dark secret, 3 for an adventuring motive, 1 for a distinctive item, and more for bribing me with Mountain Dew, creating more detail in your back story, bringing snacks to the game, and so on.

At this point, all characters are humans and all characters must at least have the language Throptic (even if they are not literate.) Please contact me with any other questions about character generation.

The current year is 6,995.

Main Page

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