Tarokka Readings

Annika performed two serious Fortunetelling readings using the Tarokka within the first few days at the De Morcey house; the following are the results of those readings:

(Using the Extended Cross)
Reading 1 – Focused on the future of Lady Christabel
Card 1 – The Darklord
Card 2 – The Beserker (The Six of Swords)
Card 3 – The Beggar (The Six of Coins)
Card 4 – The Healer (The Three of Glyphs)
Card 5 – The Avenger (The One of Swords)
Card 6 – The Paladin (The Two of Swords)
Card 7 – The Miser (The Nine of Coins)
Card 8 – The Anarchist (The Six of Glyphs)
Card 9 – The Horseman

Lady Christabel has come out of a very violent past, perhaps not physically violent but from a great deal of conflict. There may have been unforeseen consequences to rash actions stemming from her sense of honor and duty. The keys to her success lie in her wealth, or someone’s immediate change in economic status that she can benefit from. Her difficulties in obtaining her goals are focused around the suit of Glyphs, which is the representation of faith and inner strength. Opposition lies around a disease or perhaps a curse of some kind, and she will struggle with change – possibly improvement or possibly through decay. Her future tells of her success in the ultimate justice, but eventually speaks of disaster – a loss of power or even death.

Reading 2 – Focused on the actions of our party
Card 1 – The Myrmidon (The Five of Swords)
Card 2 – The Avenger (The One of Swords)
Card 3 – The Conjurer (The Nine of Stars)
Card 4 – The Artifact
Card 5 – The Necromancer (The Eight of Stars)
Card 6 – The Abjurer (The Four of Stars)
Card 7 – The Marionette
Card 8 – The Tax Collector (The Eight of Coins)
Card 9 – The Hooded Man (The Seven of Swords)

Represented by the Myrmidon, the card for a sudden reversal of fate, our group successfully learned of a great evil that needed to be taken care of. Our past (primarily that of our Questing Knight) has been a quest of ridding the world of evil. Assisting in our quest is the forbidden knowledge we obtained from the Butler and his hidden agenda to assist the Lord. Opposing us is a physical object needed for our success (perhaps the key to unlock the wardrobe door?) and the corruption and deceit that may well follow from our actions. However, the cards speak of our success through power turned against those who oppose us as well as the very obvious reference to the violence of destroying the inhuman girl locked in the attic because as a monster, she is obviously a threat to this world.

Tarokka Readings

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