The World Between

The Lottery Dungeon: Session Two

Foray to the second level.

Kaedo and Saeden were discussing how best to arrange to overnight, possibly by locking themselves in somewhere. This attracted the attention of a newcomer to the oasis, Shadek, a mechanic. The trio decided to try their luck together if possible, and they arranged to hire a torch bearing porter named Paco.

The First Foray

The next morning, the three of them were called up, as well as a Black Warlock that came in with Shadek’s caravan. They headed down into the darkness with Paco bearing the torch, and the warlock split from them early on. Now familiar with the layout, Saeden guided them more or less directly to the entry to the second level. On the way, they encountered an undead thing in a neat suit, but they dispatched it with little effort. Finding the entry to the second level, they heaved the trapdoor out of the way and descended into the darkness.

Finding only a small area, they suspiciously checked the walls until they found a secret door leading out. They saw a bowl of coppers on a plinth, and were greatly reluctant to steal from it; Kaedo tossed in a copper, and felt blessed.

They continued in the black labyrinth, stylized with frescoes of skulls and death, and archways carved into the black stone. Shadek saved them from a couple pit traps, and they found a room with a balcony over a pool of blood with meat floating in it. The others wanted to pull back, but Shadek was curious; curious long enough for a great eel-like thing to slither forth from the pool, silver scales glistening. It reared up to attack, and Saeden blew its head off with his powerful magic.

They found a room with two huge statues of reapers, and stairs leading up and out—currently blocked. Shadek examined the statues and found that there was a pit trap in front of one—and he was tall enough to reach up and prize out its ruby eyes! The other had eyes of glass.

As the third torch was now burning low, they felt they’d pushed their luck far enough, and they withdrew. They got out about three and a half hours after they went in, and the dungeon rotated at four hours, trapping the Black Warlock below.


Flush with coin from selling off the rubies from the reaper’s eye sockets, the adventurers celebrated. In the wake of their epic party, they have dim memories of some of the best parts. Kaedo became the Lottery Sultan, with a turban of women’s underpants; at one point he climbed up on the entry arch to the Temple of the Frog God and rode the statue, whipping it with a quirt and calling out amusing slurred slogans.

Shadek became the Duke of the Oasis, regaling the tipsy crowd with what may or may not be stories of his homeland. Saeden mostly sipped his drink and watched, but he had his share of fun in a relatively discreet way.

Second Venture

Heads pounding and eyes bleary, they climbed into their gear and awaited the drawing of names before the entry to the Lottery Dungeon the next day. They were called up, as well as a pair of duelists. Again, they all headed down, then split up, the duelists going down the rigged stairwell and the others making a beeline for the next level’s trapdoor.

Reaching the second level without incident, they began their methodical exploration. They found another stairwell up to blank stone, but more importantly, a secret door to a shrine of the Lady of the White Way! Delighted to discover a possible place to spend the night in safety surrounded by danger, they continued on emboldened.

They discovered a room with statues of two cosmic beings, a flayed woman and a reaper with a two handed sword, facing off. Shadek found the pressure plate between them, and shivved it so he could pry out their glittering green eye-gems. Further delighted by their score, they headed down the hall and poked around in some closets, finding a distressingly mobile patch of slime in one—they slammed the door, locking it in.

They returned to a door they had passed, opening it and heading into a room with a faintly luminescent green table. There they saw the horrific sight of four undead in suits, stripping the flesh from zombies to make skeletons. Battle was joined!

The skeletons closed in first, zombies at their heels, as the suits sauntered towards their prey. As Shadek’s smoking Ravenblade slew a skeleton and a zombie, Kaedo tore through five of the skeletons in a matter of seconds. Saeden conjured a globe of flame and hurled it, incinerating a couple of the suits. Then there was a general charge, mowing down the last of the suits (though they did make a valiant effort to tear at Kaedo, they could not get past his shield, armor, and frothing berserk disregard for damage.)

At the back of the room, they found a treasure closet with a chest. Opening it, they found incredible riches! Delighted at their luck, they hefted the box (and saw the key to unlock it, which had been hidden under the chest.) Kaedo carried it out, and they headed for the exit, running through most of the first level. The door ground shut as they were heading past the frog statue—a close shave, it was only open two hours! (The duelists left earlier, and were having a spat in the open courtyard, to the amusement of the crowd.)


Wild celebration followed. First Saeden bought a much better staff, and they decided to keep some of the gems to cut down on the coinage they had to lug around. They also rented a strongbox in the Inn, to keep some of their valuables safe.

Then the partying. The Duke shone in his own right, with many slurred pronouncements and promotions among the revelers. The Sultan invented a new game, of snatching random revelers, heaving them over his head, and flinging them at the wall of the Last Chance Saloon. The stain on the wall is about torso sized, called the Sultan’s Spot.

As their reputation grows, and their knowledge of the Lottery Dungeon increases, the adventurers are not yet finished with their exploration of the darkness below.


Nice. Glad to see the suited dead didn’t kill them :)

The Lottery Dungeon: Session Two

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