• Annika Von Alstyne

    Annika Von Alstyne

    Vistanti Noble
  • Arane Sparass

    Arane Sparass

    Wizard with Hunting Spider Familiar
  • Crazy Bear

    Crazy Bear

    6 feet of solid muscle, he is covered in a coat of thick hair that makes him look like a small bear.
  • Galen Tandro

    Galen Tandro

    22-year old assassin from Setine. 5'11", brown hair, dull green eyes wearing a hood. Plays violin for income in Gray Market.
  • Geneva Miloevic

    Geneva Miloevic

    Vistanti Caravan Guard (fighter)
  • Kaedo


    Meaty, over six feet tall, with long reddish/blonde hair braided up when adventuring, scraggily beard
  • Kurt Barbossa

    Kurt Barbossa

    Dreadlocked black hair, green eyes, tall but not big, something slightly off....
  • Strings


    Big Duelist. Jaded and Stable...
  • Tyr Fenris

    Tyr Fenris

    16 years old, 5'5", 135lbs
  • Dakri


    Mordish Bodyguard
  • Echo


    A young Mordian Pagan with night black skin and hair, except for a small white stripe in his hair running from front to back.
  • Fen Ryvan

    Fen Ryvan

    Seedy Sentinian noble and pagan sympathizer
  • Nosse Aril

    Nosse Aril

    Indebted (but connected) Mask of Setine
  • Salizar


    Criminal lieutenant in Setine
  • Talon


    Crippled old criminal in Setine
  • Vash the Unconquered

    Vash the Unconquered

    Loan Shark in Setine.
  • Vox Magnus

    Vox Magnus

    A gifted but young Wizard