Annika Von Alstyne

Vistanti Noble


Awareness +1
Brawn 0
Charm +3
Commitment 0
Cunning 0
Daring 0


  • Fortunetelling. Rested. You are proficient in one method per level; Tarot readings, Tarokka readings, casting bones, reading tea leaves, tossing things in the fire, reading entrails, and so on. You can do normal fortune telling using showmanship; test Charm against the target’s Cunning to convincingly share messages from the Worlds Beyond. You can also do real fortunetelling. Doing so costs 1d5-1 Wounds (painfully draining exhaustion), but reveals one important insight into the future, generally in a cryptic manner. Activating this talent is not always voluntary. Find her Tarokka readings here.



Annika looted the Horn of Reckoning to give to the leaders of Adumbratis to curry political favor.


Annika Von Alstyne

The World Between Shadowfell