Gnaeus Onteron


Brawn +2; Awareness +2; Cunning +2; Charm +1

Level 3
Template: Mechanic
Age: 29
Wounds: 1
Languages: Northron (Alphabet) – Throptic, Ulvish

Contacts 1: (Nobles of Setine – The White Masks)
Contacts 1: (Pagans outside of Setine)
Wealth 1: (Extra 3d10 silver per session)

1) Doctor – Professional Talent
2) Trapmaster – Mechanic
3) Locksmith – Mechanic
4) Repair – Mechanic

Physical Description: A bit shorter than norm 5’7"ish. Slim. Short wavy black hair, sharp featured, hint of dark complexion. Moderately Handsome with an amazing smile. Left Handed of course, graceful and precise. Supremely confident and detached outwardly. Fond of whistling old caligarian drinking and/or funeral tunes while performing surgery or doing anything else, and cursing in Ulvish (their curses and insults are so much better). Has some decent suits, but prefers his workin’ getup, overalls and loose shirts, cool and easily changed when bloodied or singed around the forge.

- Owns a house outside of Setine stocked with stuff for fixing metal and meat. Has a 3 awesome point worth kind of hidden crawlspace underneath. Doghouse outside for whatever strays his pagan buddies decide to bring along.

- Special Possession – Gnaeus has a pair of impossibly finely crafted leather “precision” gloves that he uses while tinkering things that don’t bleed. The gloves are black, with an ornate and strange white pattern sewn throughout the palm area which add just the perfect amount of grip in just the right spots. They appear delicate, but are surprisingly tough and resistant. They are worn from years of use, but lovingly maintained. He found them washed up on the northern Caligari shore. (Just Fluff)

- Now possesses two pistols. The one he brought from Caligari, sturdy & well made, but plain. Another he found under the bed of the old Vash. Silver filagree, ornate and pretty (150s).

- Uses a warhammer (Hand), tinkered on and improved the balance (just for fluff).

- Has a light shield. Standard and boring, needs improving.

- Has a nice set of unobtrusive leather armor his pagan friends made. Comfortable, easily hidden under clothes. Not too stylish, but that’s ok.



Gnaeus was born in Caligari to one of those upper middle class families that just don’t quite have that certain special something to make them noble. With 3 older brothers, Gnaeus was far enough down the line of succession to be ignored, something he was perfectly fine with. While his bro’s played at swords, he spent time breaking into his parent’s holdings or designing more efficient vermin traps for the home. He spend some time apprenticing with various tinkers and builders throughout his youth, and often broke into their stuff, just to see what they had.

Upon coming of age, well no one cared. So Gnaeus did a brief stint with the Caligarian military. While it was mostly cushy, he did see some combat, including a stint at the Seafort. Not exactly cut out to lead, a competent superior noticed that Gnaeus’ cunning, analytical thinking, and deft touch made him a natural cutter. Happy to finally be challenged, he embraced this new line of work.

Returning from the military, boosted by his salary and the contents of numerous poorly secured strongboxes, he settled down in mighty Thronberg eager to attend their famous University for medicine and engineering. Although he was very successful, brilliant even, he accrued some gambling debts that cut into the money he saved. Along with that little fling with a much higher statused colleague’s wife, well he always wanted to travel. Setine seemed like a natural choice to start over since big, broken ass cities always need engineers.

He has been working as a freelance security specialist for the nobles of the city, while trying to avoid the Caligarian influence. Gnaeus wants to build up a nice nest-egg to finish up his doctorate. It’s mostly semantic. He knows he’s a genius, everyone else knows it. Also he fixes up the destitute on the side just because he can. Charity begins at home after all.


Gnaeus has a love/hate relationship with nobility. He has fine and expensive tastes in food, women, wine, culture, and music, but he can’t stand pompus jackasses. Nobles tend to be somewhat educated and can be interesting to talk to sometimes, and that is where he draws the line. Gnaeus understands and respects hard work and cunning, another reason he can’t stand most of the inbred, coddled morons that are born into station. He wants to drink fine wine while covered in soot at the back of a dark lab inventing crazy things. Is that too much to ask?

Theologically, Gnaeus believes the world between has a pretty bad rap, and wants to help out humans. The Lady of the White Way’s intolerant, close-minded craziness is just as bad if not worse than demonic pacts and shadowy mystic rulers. They’re all in cahoots, as far as Gnaeus is concerned, to screw over everyone that has ever and will ever live. He cautiously embraces the enlightenment movement, saddened by the rumors that gunpowder was a gift from the world below. He would be just fine with sealing the world away from all outside influences. Let humans be humans. Of course Gnaeus doesn’t advertise this position and he isn’t a preacher, he has no inclination to change others’ opinions on the subject. But he will fight viciously against the forces of ignorance and control. Humans may be idiots, but at least let them be idiots by their own volition.

Gnaeus wants to turn his creativity and skill to creating something or improving something to help people battle against the unknown. He’s not sure what yet, but he’s ready and able.

Gnaeus was intrigued in college when he learned about King BAlduran of Ulverland’s questing to find some way to lock-out demonic energies of the world. He taught himself Ulvish to better read and understand all of this, and it is one of his more scholarly pursuits. However Gnaeus wants to take it a step farther and lock out all outside energies from entering the world. If anyone came to him seeking his aid for this, he would gladly and cautiously assist.

Gnaeus Onteron

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