Tyr Fenris

16 years old, 5'5", 135lbs


Class: Shaman

Awareness: 1
Brawn: 1
Commitment: 5
Charm: 0
Cunning: -2
Daring: 0

Inherent ability:
Animist – connect to the spirit world with commitment tests
—use awareness to see spirits

Cracked – you see things a little differently than everyone else…

Companionship – Beast Master
—companion: wolf: 5 wounds (commitment 5)


​Tyr was born in the year 6979 to the Bestia tribe in the deep woods near Setine; early childhood was typical of any pagan tribe in the woods. For those in the Bestia tribe life becomes truly different at the age of 10 when all children in the tribe begin learning of the great animal spirits that inhabit the vast forests of the world. All children are also taught the basics of shamanistic magic whether they show an aptitude for the skill of spirit calling or not since it plays an integral roll in tribal life during holidays and when contacting the spirits of animals.

​At the age of 15 both boys and girls of the tribe must find their spirit animal and upon doing so become adult members of the Bestia tribe and take on responsibilities that come with that honor. This is also how tribe members receive their last name as they are given the name of their spirit animal.

​During a ceremony all children who are 15 years old are blind folded and then lead out into the forest where they are left and expected not to return to the tribe until they have received a sign from their spirit animal…

​Tyr underwent the ceremony and was lead into the forest to await his sign. The first day was uneventful. On the second day Tyr attempted meditating for a time but after several hours he became restless and began to wander. The elders had led him into a part of the forest he had never been before and none of the game trails or land markings looked familiar and the more he wandered the more foreign things looked.

It was dusk before Tyr finally stopped roaming through the forest; he had no idea where he was but something in the land felt very unnatural. Plants and trees looked misshapen and stunted, what little wild life he saw looked sickly and always appeared frightened as though some predator was nearby but Tyr saw no signs of any. He made his camp for the night and settled down.

Just after sun down Tyr began to hear loud rustling out in the forest that sounded like it was approaching his fire. As he listened to the noise he noticed that the forest had gone deathly quiet all around him. Panic began to fill him as the noise grew louder and then what appeared to be a man shuffled into view of his fire. Tyr immediately noticed that this man was not right; his eyes were sunken in, his skin appeared to hang off him, and he smelled horribly even from fifteen feet away. Tyr nervously called out to the man, but he did not answer as his yellow glossy eyes fixed on the boy and he began moving himself toward Tyr.

Tyr frozen with unnatural fear he could not shake off sat helplessly as the thing he was by now sure was not a man moved closer. Somewhere off behind him he though he heard a deep growl but the creature in front of him had all but captured his attention as it reached out an icy cold hand. Tyr felt the things touch and then began slipping from consciousness as a large grey mass went over his head toward the creature.

​Tyr awoke in what felt like a large shaggy animal pelt only it was steadily breathing. As his surrounding came to him he realized he was in his family hut back in his village and the thing wrapped around him was a massive wolf; terror struck him until the creature opened its eyes and upon seeing him awake moved its head over and gave him a slobbery lick and parted its mouth in what looked like a grin.

​The elders explained that the massive wolf had carried him into the village two nights earlier and Tyr had been as cold as a corpse. Tyr eventually explained the encounter with the strange creature in the forest and the elders recognized it as an undead being most likely from the woods closer to the city of Setine. On rare occasions they had been encountered by tribesmen who traveled to the city to trade.

As for his spirit animal it was obvious to all that the wolf spirit had claimed Tyr and had even gone a step further to appear in the flesh to be with him. Although rare this had happened before, usually during times of change or great need…

​Now a year later Tyr, a man of the tribe, has been given the duty of traveling to the city of Setine once a month to trade in the Grey Market. His wolf companion Lily continues to follow him and displays a level of intelligence abnormally high for a forest animal.

Tyr Fenris

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